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Most frequently asked questions.

How soon will I receive my documents?

Your documents will be emailed to you the same day you place your order, and are also sent to you in the mail the same day. We are the only service that sends you both hard and soft copy documents

Are my documents real?

Documents produced on speedy stub are real; however we advise and promote the use of novelty and record keeping purposes only.

Are my documents accurate?

While We @ Speedystub.Com defend that the calculations generated by the Website are accurate, your reliance upon the calculations is done at your own risk.

Is the information I enter confidential?

All of the information you enter on our website is secure and confidential. Your information will never be disclosed to anyone including third parties.

Employment verification; How long do you verify my employment?

Speedy Stub will verify your employment for a maximum of 90 days. For recurring employment verification solutions, please contact us for additional details.

Can I buy a Vehicle or obtain a loan using this service?

We at Speedystub provide documents to prove your income only. We do not provide assistance or help with obtaining loans .

I've seen lower cost paystubs on the internet. Why is your price higher?

In this profession the saying you get what you pay for is often the truth. Lower priced paystubs usually do not provide you the accuracy you need when youre trying to prove your income . The calculations used by cheaper paystubs usually are not in compliance with up to date federal and state tax codes and even more often these documents are flagged by most companies making that cheap document effectively useless. Here at Speedystub we ensure that you receive an accurate paystub with up to date templates, along with the best customer service to ensure you are receive the best product and service your money can buy.

Can You Document Tips or Commissionable Income I Earn?

Yes!! we can calculate any earnings that you wish to document. We understand all the tax codes to help prove your earned income successfully. We help out many self employed barbers, beauticians, dancers , and more who make income such as this.

Are Buying Paystubs Illegal ?

In the easiest way to say this … NO!!! Proving your income never has and never will be illegal. The government would prefer that everybody tracked their income so that they could impose their taxes more easily. Purchasing Paystubs are looked upon in the gray area because some people have used them for unscrupulous and nefarious purposes. However if you truly make the income but just need help with documenting it, you are perfectly in the clear.

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